Introduction: A Fast Long Skateboard


What I do is a skateboard with a long board.

Equipped with the structure of the reverse bridge, the skateboard wheels are larger, softer and wider, with longer endurance and faster speed.

Step 1: Build the Motherboard First.

1.Select "stretched Curve" to stretch to the following image, select "Dome" to rotate 90 °thickness to 1, radius 10, copy the semicircle and rotate, make the body symmetrical, take a box as the anti-skid pad, and set the "plate body". "anti-skid pad", "pattern" alignment.

Step 2: Construction of Skateboard Wheel

2.Select the shape "wheel" and cylinder, adjust the shape, and connect the three objects as shown below. Another cylinder is taken, whose cross section is larger than that of the small cylinder. Let the "wheel", "rod" alignment, the effect is as follows.

Step 3: Construction Shaft Sleeve

3.Select the "hexagon" and "cylinder" to form the screw, and then select the "yuan capsule" and the screw to form the connecting rod.

Step 4: Production Base Disk

4.Select the cube and cylinder, the thickness of the cube is 4, the ratio of length to width is 4: 3, the cylinder is placed in four corners, and the thickness is 8, select the cylinder, adjust to hollow, divided into two ratios to merge, make a good connecting body plane. The multi-sided body and the cylinder are selected from the selector, the cylinder is set as hollow, the cylinder is inserted into the cylinder to get the screw and nut, and the combined screw nut is combined with other assemblies.

Step 5: Perfect Base Plate

5.Insert a cylinder connection in the center of the assembly in figure 10 and place a spring outside the "connecting cylinder" to cushion the pressure.

Step 6: Assembly of Wheels and Skateboard

6.Combine the "wheel" components together to get the wheel. Splice the skateboard body with the wheel. The length of the front end of the skateboard is different from that of the back end, which is convenient for people to maintain balance when operating.