Introduction: A Fishing Pole Stand

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I made a fishing pole stand for my son-in-law. I used my new learned skills with a router to accomplish this. The bottom plate shown is a 16" joined circle, the upper circle is a 14" not joined circle, there is also an circle under the bottom piece that is 10".

The small 10" circle is attached to the 14" circle with a lazy susan to allow rotation of the pole stand for access to his favorite fishing pole. I cut all three circles using my router and a home made circle jig. The router did a great job, not a single flaw or burn mark.

The three long sticks are 28" long dowels about 1" in diameter. They are secured to both the top and bottom plate using recessed bolts.

The top circle was designed using aligned comma shaped receivers for the fishing poles. The pattern I used was created using a combination of french curves and a freehand drawing, until I was satisfied with the size and shape of the opening. I created a pattern to allow me to copy the comma shape onto the board, tracing the shape so that they were equally spaced around the perimeter of the board. I used a scroll saw due to the unusual shape of the openings.

The holes drilled into the bottom circle were made with a 1 1/8" forstner bit, drilled to a depth of about a 1/2", then I cut no-skid pad 1/8" thick, then glued those into the holes to control the fishing pole movement.

I finished this with red wod stain and three coats or polyurethane.

Step 1: