A Flock of Paper Chickens

Introduction: A Flock of Paper Chickens

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In today's story, the farmer filled his house with all kinds of farm animals, but especially chickens. You, too, can fill your house with chickens, but these chickens do much better indoors in that they won't lay any eggs in your bed.

The best thing about this craft is that you can use almost any kind of paper or thin cardboard to make these chickens. Each member of my new flock is made from something different! So you can use whatever you have lying around in your recycling bin.


-printer paper, construction paper, cardstock, brown paper bags, or thin cardboard

-circular lids or bowls of various sizes



-tape or glue


Step 1: Trace Two Circles.

These two circles will be the body of your chicken. You'll want them to be the same size.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Circles.

Each of these pairs of circles is about to become a chicken.

Step 3: Cut a Slit From the Outside of Your Circle to the Center.

You can put a dot in the approximate center of the circle and sketch a line out from there if you'd like a guide.

Step 4: Fold Down Both Sides of the Flaps.

These are your chicken's wings!

Step 5: Add Any Features You'd Like Your Chicken to Have.

I cut out some feathers and a beak. Glue or tape them to the inner side of one of the circles.

Step 6: Glue or Tape Both Sides of the Chicken's Head Together.

Only put glue on the head section so you can still fold out your chicken's wings and body.

Step 7: Decorate the Outside of Your Chicken.

I added silly eyeballs and drew on some feathers, but you can decorate your chicken however you want!

Step 8: Fold Out the Bottom Halves of the Circle.

This will allow your chicken to stand up.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Paper Chicken!

Don't forget to make your chicken some friends!

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