Introduction: A Flying Ring Paper Plane

This isn't an average paper plane! It glides rather than flying. It doesn't go fast. And it is a ring! The smallest that i have gotten them to is making them out of index cards. They don't fly if they are smaller than that. This is the only paper plane that I know of that flies well when it is miniaturized.

Step 1: Materials

Unlike most paper planes, you don't only need paper and hands. You also tape.

-regular A4 printer paper

Step 2: Starting

Like almost every paper plane, you start by folding the paper in half, but that's where the similarities end.

Step 3: Making the Front

The front is what keeps the ring balanced. It also keeps it pointing and going forward. Fold over about 1/2 an inch of paper from the edge with the crease. Do this three more times for a total of four. Make sure to keep each consecutive fold as tight to the previous one as possible. Try to keep the folds as even on both sides as possible. Keep the folds flat (the creases in the pictures started to uncurl).

Step 4: Shaping the Paper

I curl the four creases so that the ring doesn't have corners when it is closed. Some people say to role it around an empty toilet paper role or something like that but it doesn't work for me. Make sure that the inside of the curl is on the side where the creases are.

Step 5: Finishing the Ring

To finish making the ring, you curl up the strip of paper so that about 1/3 of it is overlapping. It doesn't have to be perfect. Tape the ends down and you're done! Try to keep the ends the same width.

Step 6: Throwing the Ring

There are two ways of trowing the ring. One way is underhand and the other is overhand. To throw it underhand, just pretend you are rolling dice, but give it a spin. This throw usually ends up being more accurate, but doesn't go as far.To throw it overhand, just throw it like a foot ball. This makes it curve right when I throw it, probably because I am right handed, but it makes it goes farther. The end with the creases has to face forward. It may take a few throws to get the hang of it.