Introduction: A Free Road Trip on Google Map

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I bet this would be the most affordable and fun trip you can ever imagine.

I graduated from design school last summer. Just like all recent graduates, I was busy with my work, I couldn't afford an expensive trip, but I still have a bunch of travel plans in my mind. Is waiting for the only choice for me?

No! Definitely I'm not going to wait forever. As a designer and maker, Let's hack it!

Material List:

A computer (with a browser on it)

Some snack (optional)

Step 1: Open Google Map

Just as the title says, open the Google Map webpage in a browser. You should see something like the picture above (that's my location haha!).

Step 2: Type in Your Destination

Type in the location that you are going to explore. I'm using Santa Fe as an example. It's a small city near by Route 66. I was so impressed by the architectures there.

Step 3: Zoom In

Zoom in, till you can see the road on the map.

Step 4: Change to Satellite Mode

Click the Satellite Mode button. I like to use the 3D mode to feel more real, but it also works if you don't do that. Keep zooming in, and suddenly you are in this city!

Step 5: Start Traveling!

Now you can choose any direction that you want to explore. Have fun with your trip!

It was easy!

Step 6: Bonus Track: the Universe

I'd also like to share this moment with you. When I zoomed out and see the earth, I was shocked by the image I saw. It reminds me the poetry from Jacques Prévert:

The Garden

Thousands and thousands of years

Would not be enough

To tell of

That small second of eternity

When you held me

When I held you

One morning

In winter's light

In Montsouris Park

In Paris

On earth

This earth

That is a star

Step 7: And a Geoguessr Game!

I was also amazed by the Google's Geoguessr game. You will show up in a random place on Google Map. The aim of the game is to point out your location by exploring around a make a guess.

I tried for several rounds. From my experience, most likely you will appear on a road, with so many trees and nothing else. Probably you can find a street sign after several minutes "driving" and get some clue by the language on it (Well, that's not always helpful. Once I met a street sign with mosaic on it lol). Sometimes the game can be easy, I was in India as the picture shows.

Here's the link:

Have fun!

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