Introduction: A Fun Diy Bottle Opener Project

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This is a fun project. Pretty easy, check it out...

Step 1: Check Out the Video for Inspiration

This video will give you a good idea of the process. So be sure to check it out....

Step 2: Cutting Oak on the Bandsaw

I have this chunk of oak wood. It's actually a closet door I was given after working for a client. I had replaced their doors and they said, 'hey, this is oak, you want it?' So I took it home with me.

Anyhow, I'm using my bandsaw to cut a piece out that we can shape into a handle.

Step 3: Shaping

I've managed to get a basic shape cut out for this soon to bee bottle opener. Check out the video for inspiration. There's more info about me and my day to day if you want to learn more. Let's keep going...

Step 4: Nails

Here are some nails. They will be used as the opener hardware. I painted them black with enamel spray paint. I wanted to show you this but I'll set them aside to dry while we continue to shape our handle...let move on

Step 5: Belt Sander

I'm using the belt sander to further shape the piece. This tool also helps smooth the wood a lot. It's a matter of working it til you have the shape that feels right in your hand.....but we have a little more sanding to do yet...

Step 6: Another Belt Sander

Here's another belt sander. I'm shaping this a bit more aggressive to eat away more wood. I need the handle, like I mentioned, to be comfortable in the hand.

Step 7: Taking Shape

Now the shape is looking more like I want.

Step 8: Batching Out Handles

By the way, I made a few at the same time. These are ready for the next step...

Step 9: Hand Sanding

I'll do a little hand sanding and then we can go to the next phase of this project...

Step 10: Drilling Holes for the Nails

I drilled holes on the front of the handles. This will accept those nails I painted earlier. Let's show you that process next....

Step 11: Bending Nails

I used the vise to bend the nail. This will slide into the drilled out holes we made.

Step 12: Epoxy and Hardware

I mixed 2 part epoxy and filled the hole. Then I inserted the bent nail. We'll set this aside and let the epoxy cure. Let's move on...

Step 13: Staining the Handle

I stained the handle and it really looks great! I'll just add a clear coat and we are done with this project. It's looking cool! Check out the finished piece....

Step 14: DIY Bottle Opener

It looks great! I hope you liked the project. Check out the links and I'll catch you next time.

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