Introduction: A Girl in Red

It's an acrylic canvas painting made to show a different style of strokes and mixing done with the brushes. The preferable colour palette was red and brown for the girl with a touch of yellow in the background.

It represents a girl in a red dress with a hat to show passion, grace and fashion. The painting was painted in a way that the girl was walking through the way but someone stopped her, so she looked back with a little smile in her face. Her eyes were completely covered with the hat and its shadow. She looks stunning.


Art Materials/supplies used:

1. canvas (50cm x 60cm)

2. Acrylic tubes (100ml)

3. mixing palette

4. round brush (0,00,2,4,6)

5. Flat brush (4,8,10)

6. water container

7. rag cloth

Step 1: Sketching the Girl

Take the canvas of 50 x 60 cm, then divide the vertical portion into three equal parts of 16.6cm and horizontal portion into 20cm each. So, we got a canvas of 9 grids of equal size and then we could draw the sketch of a girl in proper proportion.

The girl should be placed in the middle of the canvas with an equal empty gap from both sides.

Sketching should be done with a colour pencil and it could get easily erased by an erased, I suggest not to use lead pencil because it would smug the whole sketch. Also, placed a cloth under the cloth to avoid smugging of the sketch through your hand.

Step 2: Painting the Background

I took Flat brush of 10 number and made a mixture of white and chrome yellow in the palette. I mixed it properly to make a shade of light chrome yellow and did the same with ochre yellow. There were four colours ready in my palette i.e dark ochre, chrome yellow and light ochre, chrome yellow.

I started painting from the light to dark, so I first painted the middle portion of the canvas and then slowly move to the outer portion, from the chrome to ochre, I started mixing scarlet with them and then gave highlighting with burst sienna.

In between, used a dry brush for proper mixing and in some placed I used my hand to give it a smokey/ cloudy effect. After finishing both sides, I also gave some white highlights.

Step 3: Skin Tone

After you would follow all the steps for the background, then you can switch to paint the skin of the girl

Painted the base with a mixture of chrome yellow and white and then start giving light effect to the skin. Add more white in the middle of the hand and back followed by the ochre yellow on the sides covering the half portion of the back. The folded fingers were also painted ochre yellow.

Then mix scarlet with a little water and outline the skin, it should a little broad giving a light effect from the left. The upper portion of the dress which connects with the skin should also be painted scarlet a little bit to show depths and shadow.

Use a little diluted burst amber for highlighting and curves.

Step 4: Making Hat and the Hair

Take out three colours- scarlet, crimson lake and a mixture of both. Starting with scarlet, move slowly to the dark portion with a proper mixing to provide it with a stunning effect. The strip of the Hat should be black as red and black make a great combination.

Then use burnt amber from the right side to show darkness, shadow and folds. it should look like a tilted big hat. The upper curved portion could also get outlined using black and burnt amber. The right lower should be painted with think burnt amber to show folds in depths. in the end, highlighting should be done with the white.

After completing the Hat, we could move forward to the hair, make a base of black, then use a flat brush with burnt sienna dipped into it, to make folds and wavy curves. The hair was wavy. And add some pinch of grey for a real look.

Step 5: Creating the Dress

Make a base of red on the dress. And started making some combinations of colours in the palette. With a brighter tone of red, start painting it red followed by the burnt amber and outlining by the black.

It should be done with a proper mixing keeping in mind the layer of colours. The dress should be figured in a fish cut. It also had some layers in below near the knees.

The waist contains a lot of creases and folds with a divider in between which divides the back into two. First, it should be made with burnt amber and overlapped with black. Also, give some circle highlighting from the left in the hips and lower portion i.e below the knees and make the right portion darker.

Step 6: Detailing and Finishing

Start detaining the whole artwork from top to bottom using white and stroke some fine lines in the waist, fingers, and hat. Give it a finishing touch with the colours where it was needed.

Let it dry for a day.

Admire and adore your work.

Present it in front of the viewer. Click amazing photographs of your artwork.

It would look extremely attractive and beauty and let the lady be the show stopper.