Introduction: A Google Sketchup Skatepark

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Google sketchup is a google product that was designed as a 3-D modeling program.
I will show you how to use it to make a halfpipe

Step 1: Platform

This is the step that shows what the base of the ramp will be

Step 2: Making It 3D, Putting Some Life Into It

here is what to do to make it 3-D.
You will use the push/pull tool and the curve tool.

Step 3: Delete the Lines

there should be one vertical line on each side, use the erase tool to delete them
if something bad happens stop and go to edit>undo erase

Step 4: Coping

This is how to make the pipe that is on the edge.

Step 5: Copy and Paste

Make the other half, this step uses the rotate tool, line draw, and move tool

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Finish it up!
you will use the paint tool, and the mouse tool.

Step 7: And Done!

credit to google for the software, good job google peeps!

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