Introduction: A Guide to Setting Up and Getting Started With Your New Macbook Pro 2015 (13”or 15”)

As a new owner of a Macbook Pro 2015 you might need a guide to help fully understand the minor complexities of this impressive piece of technology. Well, look no further! We have for you here a easy to follow set of instructions that will not only assist with your setup, but will help explain the finer features of this computer. These features will include start up instructions, directions for connecting to the internet, and an examination of the various cords that can be used with your Macbook Pro.

Step 1: Materials:

1. Macbook Pro 2015/2016 (Assuming new in box with AC adapter)

2. Scissors/ Box Cutter

Step 2: Optional Technology Associated With the Macbook:*

1. Mouse (Compatible with the Macbook Pro)

2. Ethernet Converter

3. Ethernet Cable

4. HDMI Cord

5. Headphones

*These Items are available at most technology stores like the Mac Store, Best Buy, Wal Mart, or online stores such as Amazon.

Step 3: Basic Steps:

1. Open the box using your cutting tools

2. Take the computer/cords out of the box

3. Plug the cord into an outlet and connect the cord to the computer.

4. Turn the computer on.

5. Go through the set-up for the computer.

6. Connect the ethernet to your source of internet and then to your computer

7. Test the connection to see whether you are connected by going to a website

Step 4: Open Up Your Box.

Having purchased your Macbook Pro 2015, you should now remove the laptop and cords from the box. Be careful not to penetrate the box when opening as that could damage the materials.

Step 5: Beginning

Remove the laptop and cords, gently placing them to the side. Make sure the laptop is on a stable surface so that it does not fall and get damaged during the following direction set.

Step 6: Plug It In

Taking the charging cord (pictured below), plug it into a three-pronged outlet. Having done so, plug the other side into the top left outlet on the computer. When connected correctly, an orange or green light should appear, signifying that it is charging.

Step 7: Time to Get It Running

Flipping your laptop open, you can now click the power button. This is located on the top right corner of the baseboard, above the keyboard functions.

You should be able to hear the system turn on, signaled by the quiet sound of a fan and a start up tone. Hold the button down for longer than one second to be sure that it turns on completely.

Step 8: TrackPad Usage

The three inch by two and a half inch rectangle under the keyboard is the track pad. You use this to scroll, and navigate pages. It acts just as a computer mouse would.

To navigate the pages use one finger to move the arrow.

To scroll up and down pages, use two fingers in a vertical motion.

Step 9: Follow the Setup Process

Directions will appear on screen in text boxes. Follow the steps listed, which will be both written and visually described for you. Because they are so simply laid out for you, These steps will take you through to the base home page for your computer. This is where we will operate from for the remaining of this tutorial.

First it will ask you to choose a language for your Macbook Pro that will be used on the whole computer.

It will then ask you to choose an Internet Access and have you put in your WiFi password.

It will then have you put in your location.

If you have an Apple ID it will ask you if you would like to use it for the computer and have you put in your username and password.

It will then ask you to accept the terms and conditions of the computer.

It then asks you if you would like to use iCloud on your computer, if you have other Apple products this will help, however it is optional.

If you choose to use iCloud it will have you set up your messaging center and the find my mac option.

Then you will be asked to create your computer account.

It will then ask you what your time-zone is.

You will then register your macbook.

Lastly you will be taken to the home screen

Step 10: Internet With Wifi:

To test the internet with an active wireless internet router, begin by clicking on the wifi button on the top bar of your screen. This icon looks like five lines that grow increasingly bigger in size and arc.

After clicking on the button, you may now select the wireless internet service that you have previously set up. If you are unable to find an active connection, make sure the cords are plugged in correctly and that you are entering the correct name for the network.

Enter the prompted wireless internet password.

Step 11: Internet With Ethernet

To test the internet with an ethernet cord, plug one end of the cord into the computer in the plug-in marked <...>.

Plug the other end of the cord into a wall plug in, or into the router.

Step 12: Testing Your Internet Connection

To test your connection and make sure everything is working, click on the Safari button shown on the Icon panels. Safari will be the blue compass with the red and white compass hands.


Connecting Your HDMI Cord:

- The HDMI cord is an essential part of a computer user’s arsenal. This cord is used to connect your computer to the TV or other exterior screens. This can be useful when you need to transpose an image to other locations or to exponentially increase the size of the image.

- The HDMI plug in port is located on the left hand side of the computer (while facing the screen).

- You may run into an issue of compatibility with your HDMI cord connecting to the computer. If that is the issue, you can purchase an adapter (pictured below) at any local technology store.


- The headphone port is a circle, about 1 cm in diameter, that allows you to connect headphones and play music directly through earbuds. Very useful in the library or other public areas where you need to audibly access sound streams.

Disc Drive:

- A slim entrance, 7” in length, located on the right hand side of the computer base, is meant for CD’s and DVD’s. Both types of discs can be entered into the computer and played via iTunes or DVD player.

- Make sure the disc is right side up (usually the cover art and writing on top) in order to prevent damage to the disc.


- The USB is the final port we have to examine. Look for two ports next to one another that have a three pronged symbol next to it.
- This can be used to connect a mouse if you are not wanting to use the trackpad.

- It can also be used to connect a file sharing device such as a USB Flashdrive that can be connected to the computer to transfer data

Charging Indicator:

- This little button, located below the headphone port on the left hand side of the computer, is gray in color. Clicking this button will indicate the amount of charge left on the computer by illuminating the 8 dots that sit below it.


Computer systems, with their ability to connect to world wide information systems, offer the ability to inform your children about important issues and assist in their life. However, hidden within the internet are websites that contain “R” or “X” rated content that you may not want your children to access. In order to prevent this type of material from being accessed on your computer, we recommend including a parental lock on your system. This would require your password if racy content should appear.