A Guide to Wash Your Ortho-K Contact Lens

Introduction: A Guide to Wash Your Ortho-K Contact Lens

People who just got their brand new Ortho-K contact lens would be unfamiliar with the process of cleaning it. In order to solve this problem, I created a tool to guide people who are new to cleaning their Ortho-K contact lens. This machine gives clear instructions and is incredibly convenient to use. If you want to make one for yourself, please scroll down.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

Arduino Leonardo

LCD 16x2

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Jumper Wires Male to Female

Jumper Wires Male to Male

Tape/ Scissors

Sticky Notes/ Pen



Step 2: Code

Download the Code: https://create.arduino.cc/editor/angelatsai1010/5f...

1. Download the code from the website above.

Step 3: The Circuit

1. Plug in all the wires in the pins declared for the coding part.

2. Be aware of the positive and negative electrode or else the components might break (positive electrode: 5V, negative electrode: GND).

3. The LCD’s SCL and SDA should be connected to the two pins on the left. The negative electrode of both the servo and LCD should be in the two holes of GND, but there is only one 5V hole, which means the positive electrode of both the servo and LCD should be together using soldering and them connect both of the wires to the 5V wire.

Step 4: The Exterior

1. Draw a 7x2.5cm LCD hole at the bottom left of the black hardboard.

2. Remember to include a 1x0.5cm hole for Ultrasonic Distance Sensor.

3. Cut both holes out.

4. Tape "Sodium Chloride", "Pills", and "BIOCLEN O2 SEPT" tags onto the board.

Step 5: Assemble the Components

1. Place the breadboard in a random bag to avoid tangled wires and for a neater appearance as well.

2. Tape LCD and Ultrasonic Distance Sensor tightly to the board in case they fell off.

Step 6: Operating

1. Put the solutions and pills onto their respectful position.

2. Place your hand next to the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (about 1 cm apart) for each step.

3. You know you're done when the LCD will show "Finished".

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