Introduction: A Hair Stylist Themed Business Card Holder

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My girlfriend wanted a card holder for work so I built her one. I made a curling iron pen to go with it and functioning wooden scissors. She is really happy with it and a few of her co-workers want me to build some for them as well. Enjoy!
Pease vote/rate as you see fit and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

4"x1/4" wood (I used alder)
scrap willow branch
3/8" aluminum rod
3/8" copper tubing
spare pen (papermate)
1/8" plexiglass
1/8" aluminum rod
A length of wire from a coat hanger
various machine screws
2 magnets
cone shaped spring
wood finish
wood glue
two part epoxy

table saw
band saw
scroll saw
drill press
belt sander
hack saw
heat gun

Step 2: Come Up With a Design

Whether it’s in your head, on paper or on a CAD program. You need a good design, which mine was in my head and failed to make time to put it on paper or in AutoCAD. You can change up the design for just about any occupation.

Step 3: Cut Your Materials

I cut the alder backing to a 4"x4" square, same with the plexi. Cut out the parts for the pen (wood, aluminum or steel) and the parts for the scissors as well. The pictures explain this well. After you get done cutting the metals you will need to clean them up and deburr.

Step 4: The Pen

I wanted to make a pen to go with her card holder and a curling iron is long and tubular in shape, so I decided to use that to design a pen around. I used a paper mate pen for the guts of the curling iron pen. The plastic removable lining of paper mate fit perfectly in the 3/8" aluminum tubing. I cut the plastic part of pen to size and epoxied it into the aluminum shaft. leaving enough room to screw on the tip (changing ink out is a must) Drill out the handle material to 3/8" and shape it. Drill out the 3 holes on the pen shaft (2 for the clip that holds the lifter thingy and 1 for the spring that holds and actuates the lifter thingy)

on this pen all the parts move, I think this adds another level of awesome.

to polish the pen shaft, i put it in my drill press and used a clothe and polish. it workes well and fast!

Step 5: The Scissors

Regretfully, I did not take many pictures of these being built. They are pretty simple though...

After you have the basic shape cut out and you have removed part of the blade area to make room for the other half of the scissors.
Measure and drill out the holes for the center screw. Then mark out and on a scroll saw cut the finger loops out of the scissors.
Sand them round. You may also want to add a copper bezel the the front or a brass/ copper spacer in between finger loops.
Epoxy a magnet to the back of the scissors.

Step 6: The Card Holder

Mark and drill where you want the aluminum rods to go on your wood and plexi. Cut out the front part which functions as a side retainer for the cards and use the other part of the S shaped plexi as the rear spacer (to help keep the cards standing up right).
Use the heat gun to shape your plexi. Drill the hole for your magnet and test fit your parts as needed. Use a spring and a small piece of plexiglass to make the pen holder off the side of the holder. Shape and sand the wood backer with 220 grit sand paper, add any embelishments you want (like a aluminum rod in the backing) Use wood filler where needed and epoxy the magnet and pen holder in place.

Step 7: Finishing Up

Do your finish sanding and apply your choice of wood finish. Allow time to dry. Clean, polish and score any metal surfaces that will be visible or glued. Mix epoxy and glue it together. That is pretty much it... If I missed anything please ask, thanks and I hope you enjoyed it.

If I win in the contest, I have a lot of future projects that could benefit from the precision a machine like that can offer. I have a jewelry box with a gear system, locking cam and hidden drawer im designing. Plus I'd be able to tackle some of the other awesome instructables I have seen that require a laser cutter.

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