A Home for a Hedgie




Introduction: A Home for a Hedgie

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Before you bring your prickly critter home, you'll want to have his home ready to settle into!

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Step 1: Cage

I use a large Rubbermaid bin to store my hedgie in. Wire cages are a no-no because hedgies can get their feet stuck and break their legs!

Step 2: Hegie House

A cedar or other type of light wood home is a must. Light colors let you know when it is dirty! It must be large enough to let your hedgie walk around in.

Step 3: Food Bowl

Plastic or ceramic bowls are the least messy. Some hedgies do not like the texture and will not eat from a wooden bowl. The bowl must be at least the size of your fist.

Step 4: Water Bottle

Use a water bottle opposed to a bowl because hedgies are known to knock them over and make a big mess! You do not need a large one because your hedgehog will not drink very much and you must change his/her water everyday anyway!

Step 5: Blankie and Linens

Blankie: Hedgehogs are burrowing creatures so a blanket is a must! A blanket will also make it easier to pick up your hedgie.

Linens: Pine shavings or other beddings will get stuck under hedgie's quills so it better to use it sparingly. Instead of bedding, spread thin a fleece blanket over the bottom of the cage.

Step 6: Wheel

I do not suggest the wheel shown in this picture. The Flying Saucer wheel is hard for hedgies to understand! Instead get a standard guinea pig wheel. Make sure that it doesn't scrape his back. Plastic wheels are another must! Wire wheels will result in ouchy bleeding feet!

Step 7: Litter Box

If you decide to attempt to litter train your hedgehog, use half a tissue box and some non clumping, dust free litter.

Step 8: Tips

-Keep your hedgehog's cage off the ground if you have other animals or small children!

-Keep their potty area away from food and water.

-Fold back the linens if your hedgie has a designated potty area.

-Keep away from loud noises or commonly used area.

-Do not keep your hedgehog in your room unless you are prepared to listen to him/her all night!!!!!

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    Very nice home for a very cute pet! I love all your hedgehog tutorials, although it's making me want one so badly! Thanks for sharing!