A Home for Pinka

Introduction: A Home for Pinka

About: Grandma Van uses the Instructables website to share little print-and-mail books. Once in a while, she has other fun things to share.

Young children love to play withe little characters.

Sometimes, Grandmas like to tell stories and share them with grandchildren.

Things get tricky with "licensed" characters, so this Grandma is creating her own little storytelling world.

Earlier, I shared a story about Pinka the owl. She is our most popular character. She needed a house, so here is how to make one.


Corrugated cardboard

Green paper

Double Stick Tape

Exacto Knife

Two blocks of wood (optional: cardboard can also be used.)

Toothpaste tube lid.



Step 1: Use the Pattern Provided to Cut Out One Tree From Cardboard and One or Two Trees From Colored Paper.

I originally planned to make Pinka's house green on the outside and on the inside, so I sized the house so that you can cut two trees from a single sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper.

But I just happened to choose a piece of cardboard that was white on one side, so OUR Pinka-house is white on the inside. You can decide what's best for you!

NOTE: When cutting the cardboard, be sure that the "ribs" run horizontally. This will be important later!

Step 2: Attach the Green Paper to the Cardboard.

I like to use double-stick tape, but you can use a glue stick or other glue if desired.

Use an Exacto knife to cut out the tree shape.

IF you are making your tree green on both sides, use double-stick tape on the other side, too.

Step 3: Fasten on the "doorstep."

Again, I used double-stick tape, but this is one time when glue might actually work better.

Fasten a block of wood to the cardboard tree.

The has two purposes: It provides a perch/ doorstep for Pinka AND it holds the tree up in place.

IF you do not have a block of wood handy, make one by cutting out enough cardboard squares to stack until you have a cube.

Step 4: Alternative Doorstep.

If you do not have a wooden block, cut about eight or nine 1.25-inch squares from corrugated cardboard.

Glue or fasten them together, alternating the direction of the corrugation so that the "block" will be stronger.

Step 5: View of the "alternate" Doorstep.

Glue a doorstep on each side of the cardboard tree.

Step 6: Cut Out a Door.

Use an exacto knife to cut a door.

Step 7: Pinka's Chair: Cut Out the Pieces.

Use the pattern provided to make a simple cardboard chair for Pinka.

The first layer is a simple rectangle.

Next, cut the straight-line "C" piece. Make about eight of these.

Step 8: Stack and Fasten the Cardboard Chair Pieces Together.

The first layer is the rectangle. Fasten the first "C" piece to the rectangle. (Again, I used double-stick tape, but you can use glue.)

Repeat, adding "C" pieces one layer at a time until you have a good height. (Corrugated cardboard does come in different thicknesses.)

Step 9: Place Pinka's Chair in the House.

Pinka's chair should fit right next to the doorstep. You MAY want to glue it to the tree, but I prefer to allow my characters to move their furniture.

OPTIONAL: Paint the chair

Step 10: Make a Lamp for Pinka: Begin by Drilling a Hole in a Toothpaste Lid.

Drill a hole in the top of a toothpaste lid.

(I decided to save time and make two lamps at a time. Other characters will be needing houses!)

Step 11: Thread a Pipe Cleaner Through the Shank of a Button. Twist the End.

A button with a shank works best... but any small button will do.

Thread a pipe cleaner through the shank or through the holes. Twist to secure it... but don't leave a very large amount of pipe cleaner to twist. (The first time I had too much pipecleaner and it wouldn't fit inside the toothpaste lid!)

Step 12: Pull the Pipe Cleaner Through the Hole in the Toothpaste Lid.

Step 13: Push the End of the Pipe Cleaner Into the "channel" of the Corrugated Cardboard.

Now Pinka has a lamp.

Step 14: Make a Bed for Pinka.

If you have a matchbox or other small box, use it.

If you don't have a box "readymade," use the pattern to make one from heavy cardstock.

Fasten on a headboard.

Step 15: Put Pinka in Her House!

Have fun!

My grandchildren were absolutely delighted with Pinka's house.

Step 16: Print the Story.

The little booklet can be made following the instructions found in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ixqr9e3wCxI

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