Introduction: A Homeschool Supply Shelf

Are you homeschooled? Are your school supplies unorganized? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are in luck! My siblings and I's school supplies were really unorganized until I came up with this idea. It's not hard, it's very simple and, you get great results in the end. It may take up to 45 minutes to do it completely, but depending on how much stuff you have to organize, it may take more or less time. What's even better is you can do this n your locker, cubby, desk, or anywhere you need to.


What I used were

A shelf (obvi)

A vacuum(if your shelf is dirty)*

School Supplies (e.g. textbooks, notebooks, binders, etc.)

Music from YouTube(we need a little fun, right?) *

Help from my little siblings*

*can be excluded if not wanted/needed

Step 1: Clear Out Your Shelf Completely

Clear out your area. Take all pencils, pens, books, and crayons out. Just take everything in your area out. I like to stack all our books by subject. If you decide to do this, make a dedicated pile for each subject you have, e.g a pile for Math, a pile for Language Arts, a pile for Science, etc. You would all the supplies for that particular subject in the pile for that subject. For example, I put all the paints, art books, and art supplies in the art pile.

Step 2: Vacuum If Needed

If your area is needing a vacuum, go ahead and vacuum so your supplies don't get all dusty and gross.

Step 3: Put Your Supplies Back

I put them by subject so I put all the math books in, then all science books in, etc. You can either stack them on top of each other and have a stack for textbooks/workbooks and have a stack for reading books/answer keys and then have the rest of your stuff neatly in boxes or organized around the books, or put them like a bookshelf. When you're finished, enjoy your neat school supply shelf!