A Inexpensive FPV Rover!!!



Introduction: A Inexpensive FPV Rover!!!

Today we will be making an inexpensive FPV (First Person View) rover. What you will need is / RC car / selfie stick with the head that can attach on to a tripod / a phone or iPod with a camera and Wi-Fi / some washers bolts and a screw that will fit the selfie head. The reason why I did this project is so people could make an inexpensive FPV Rovere because any of FPV drone projects to expensive or too hard so I hope you enjoy this project.

Thanks for reading this :) :)

Step 1: Adding the Adapter

What you will do you will take a drill and a drill bit the bit should be about the same size as your screw. You will drill a hole in the desired spot put a washer on the screw then screw it through the whole put in another washer put the bolt on and if needed make sure the screw is it too long. If it is then put another bolt or washer on tell the desired length is accomplished.

Step 2: Setting It Up!

You will take the selfie stick head and screw it on. Then take your phone and get another phone and FaceTime one of them. When that is done you will have your monitor now attach your phone to the car and you're ready to go.

Step 3: Test Run

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