A Kotatsu for Your RV




Introduction: A Kotatsu for Your RV

Sitting here in the frigid desert of Eastern Washington in a fifth-wheel, I got cold sitting at the table using the computer. Having learned just this morning about a Kotatsu, I was inspired. I have no desire to sit on the floor, so I wasn't going to build the whole thing, just going to work with what I have for a table.

Step 1:

This is what I have.

Step 2:

I placed non-slip material on the table.

Step 3:

Cheap blanket from the local big box store. You know the one, lots of trashy customers, treats their employees badly...

Cost: $10.00

Step 4:

More non-slip material.

Step 5:

The local home improvement depot type place was kind enough to cut this piece of paneling for me. I even have a spare in case I mess one up.

Cost: $10.57

Step 6:

I already had this heater. I just pushed it underneath for the daytime. At night I'll pull it back out to heat the rest of the room.

Step 7:

Laptop back in place.

It stays nice and toasty under here. I may be able to heat it with something much less, will experiment.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    haha I did something similar with a fan heater and a bedspread I had. Works a charm. Not quiteeeee as good but still! This kotatsu looks comfy cos you can sit down properly.