Introduction: A Lazy Alternative to the Sacrificial Chair

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For the Lazy Life Challenge, I figured I ought to show you all my solution to the classic "Move clothes to chair -> move to bed -> move back" problem. Knowing the public reading this, I'll keep this instructable extremely short, single-step, and entirely bullet pointed.

What you need:

  • An old broomstick
  • Any type of saw and some screws
  • 10 minutes

Installation process:

  • Locate that totally useless spot behind your (bedroom) door.
  • Measure the distance between the back of the door and the point of the wall where the door touches when open, substracting about 10cm on each side.
  • Measure the angles or, if you're too lazy, enter the lengths here.
  • Cut the broomstick at approximately the right length. Make sure to cut both angles inwards. Don't worry too much about precision - it's easier to remove the excess wood with a file by eyeballing it during installation.
  • Pre-drill some holes and screw the broomstick to the wall.

Voila! An effective way to get those semi-worn-but-not-quite-dirty-enough clothes out of the way without giving up on the convenience of throwing them from halfway across the room. No need to worry about staining the wood or the way it looks overall, because you and I both know it will never be empty and visible anyway. Enjoy!

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