Introduction: A Little Halloween Storybook

About: Grandma Van uses the Instructables website to share little print-and-mail books. Once in a while, she has other fun things to share.

In celebration of HALLOWEEN:

A little "Pocketmod" book.

(A "pocketmod" is a book that is made by cutting and folding a single sheet of paper.)

I have published other "pocketmods" with generic folding instructions.
This time, I am going to try to show the method that I use to get the "tightest" folds...and I am now realizing how HARD is is to show this kind of thing!

Perhaps it is time to learn to do Instructables videos!

Here goes:

Step 1: Print the PDF

Step 2: Fold 1: a "Hotdog Fold"

Fold the paper in half, with the pictures on the outside, as shown.

Use your thumbnail to crease it.

Step 3: Fold 2: a "hamburger Fold"

Open the paper back up.

Fold in half a second time, this time going the opposite way. Crease.

Open back up.

Step 4: Fold the "hotdog" Again, Then Fold in One Side.

Re-fold the "hotdog" shape.

Then carefully fold in one side and crease.

Step 5: Fold in the Other Side.

Fold in the other side and crease.

Step 6: Open. Fold Again. Cut.

Open it up again.

Repeat the "hamburger fold."

Cut as shown.

Step 7: Flip It Over.

Step 8: Fold the Cover Page Inward.


Fold in the cover as shown. Crease.

Step 9: Open Cover Back Up.

The next fold will be the two "pages" shown partly lifted here...

Step 10: Fold Just Two Pages.

From the previous illustration, carefully select just a single layer of paper and bring it over.

Step 11: Fold the Top Down.

Crease yet again!

Step 12: Crease All.