Introduction: A Little Science Project You May Enjoy

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Hello everyone this instructable will guide you to some little science. I think that perhaps if you learn science it will be not as hard as you think and you will think that science packs are actually even more fun than modern toys! My uncle just taught me how to fold a crane about on or two years ago and that was when I was shocked because he taught me the wrong thing! I studied it and became an origami master! You can visit or to watch videos and become an origami master too!

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need the followings:
Plastic hemisphere
Cartoon paper
A nut
Double sided tape
Plastic cover

Step 2: The Sticking Part

Get your cartoon paper and put the double sided tape and curl it into a cone. Then take the plastic hemisphere and put the nut inside. Then get the plastic cover and cover the nut with it. Last of all take the cone and place it on top of the hemisphere.

Step 3: Congrats!

Congratulations! You’ve finished making this science project! I bet it was easy for you to make. Actually this is even my first instructable I have ever made! I’ll make science instructables and some of my hobbys. Please vote for me in the contests!

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