A Magic Trick That's Sure to Impress!

Introduction: A Magic Trick That's Sure to Impress!

About: I am a schoolgirl from India who likes quilling, writing and magic.

Hello Everyone!

Here I present to you a magic trick that is sure to impress people - friends and 'non friends' alike! It can be done anywhere, with very basic materials. It is a perfect hack to make friends on the first day of school, college or when starting a new job. So, lets get started!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies!

All you need is:
1. A pen and paper
A doodling app on your phone/tablet (I used EVERNOTE PENULTIMATE*)
2. A friend you want to trick
3. A ring

*This picture and mention of EVERNOTE PENULTIMATE is entirely my recommendation and is not for publicity purposes

Step 2: The Trick! Part One

So, here's the trick-
Ask your friend for a three digit number. Remember the number. Put on the ring and act as though you are trying to see the future. But actually add 2000 to it and subtract 2 from the result. Write this number as your 'prediction'. Mine is in red.

Step 3: The Trick! Part Two

Ask your friend for another random number of with three digits. Also, the first number should not be 0 or 9. Write it down. Pretend you are consulting the stars and throw your hands in the air and shout,"I call upon you to help me out and tell me a suitable number!" But actually use this time for some basic math and calculate and write such a number that the sum of the digits equal 9.

So, for example, if your friend's number is 683, then your number will be 316, because 6 (friend's) + 3 (yours) = 9 and 8 (friend's) + 1 (yours) = 9 and 3 (friend's) + 6 (yours) = 9.

Repeat this step once more.

Step 4: Add It Up and You Are Done!

Write down your friend's original number and add it all up!

Voilà! You just tricked your friend into believing that you are a fortune teller!

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    7 years ago

    Thank you!


    7 years ago

    That is very cool... I've tried it a number of times now and it has worked every time. Thank you!!