Introduction: A Meccano Cased Usb Stick

I've been thinking about recasing a usb stick for some time, but couldn't come up with an original idea. One difficulty was that many ideas ended up with something too big to be practical. When I found this usb stick, I realised that it was small enough to build into something of reasonable size. In fact I find it almost too small to be conveniently used in its as bought form.

I doubt that many readers will still have Meccano/Erector, but this size of usb stick has a great potential for modification, and this is my take on it.

More Meccano instructables may follow...

Step 1: First Attempt

The first case I made. This used an unmodified usb stick, original case and all, just sandwiched in a Meccano assembly.

This attempt showed a potential problem. Meccano is quite heavy, and there is a risk of breaking a possibly fragile usb stick. So nothing too chunky!

Step 2: Dismantle and Modify

No tools required to dismantle. Disconnect the ball chain at the link, remove it and gently open the sides of the case to release the useful bit.

The only modifications needed are to drill out the hole in the stick to take a standard Meccano bolt, and to file/carve down the shoulder around it flush with the rest of the body.

Step 3: Assemble

Use your imagination, but not too heavy. Plenty of colours to choose from. First example in 1950s green, others in modern plated finish. I chose to use modern allen headed screws and locknuts for a neater and more secure finish. Plates are separated by washers or suitable plastic spacers.

I was trying to keep to pure Meccano, but an alternative might be to use pop rivets for a smoother finish. In that case it would be worth assembling it with paper washers which are removed after setting the rivet to give some clearance.