Introduction: A Military Drill Facial Movement

Military drill is known to be one of the best forms of instilling discipline, leadership, comradeship, and more. It is definitely not for everybody. It requires one to come to a place in their mind of openness to learn, greediness to grow, freedom to try something different, trust to know that your wing man will execute properly, humbleness in understanding that there is always more to learn and more progress to be made, vision to see greatness in the future, dedication in committing yourself to learning a new craft and becoming the best at it, and mental toughness, realizing that drill is not for weak minded or faint at heart. If you so believe that you qualify by these standards, or are open to make an attempt to embrace them, you've reached the right place. Proceed.

Step 1: Clear Your Mind/Prepare for Military Bearing

Before you can properly execute any drill maneuver, you must rid your immediate mind of things that could 'knock' your focus. Drill can be fun, interesting, enjoyable, and more, but, it is serious. Anything that you may be holding in your mind that may make you smile, laugh, or do anything that could express something other than how serious you are about what you're doing, get it out. Do this before you begin. Once you start, it is to late.

Step 2: Assume Military Bearing

At this point, you are about to begin. Straighten your face up. Stand up straight. At this point, you have not officially began, giving you the freedom to move about freely, but you should still look presentable, confident, and ready. Open your ears for command.

Step 3: Fall In/Attention

At this point, you will receive your first command. This command will be "FALL IN". Upon hearing this command, you are to assume the position of "ATTENTION". Now you are officially drilling. There is a specific way to do everything. At this position, your eyes should be caged forward. Your neck/chin area (area beneath your tongue) should be square with the ground. Your mouth should be positioned in a serious, straight face. Your hands should be in a cuffed position with your thumbs running parallel along the seams of your pants. Your arms are fully extended down, and your heals should be touching, creating a 45 degree angle opening forward.

Step 4: Left Face (By the Numbers: 1)

Now, you'll begin to execute your first facial movement. For this, you will be commanded "Left Face (Hace)". For the sake of the simplicity of these instructions, we'll be going in a 'By The Number' maneuver, which is simply a version in which every step is highlighted by a pause until getting the command "Ready" followed by the appropriate step number at which to execute. Upon hearing the command, lift the ball of your left foot up, and lift the heel of your right foot up, and push your body, using the ball of your foot, in a 90 degree turn to the left.

Step 5: Left Face (By the Numbers: 2)

At this point, your body from knees up should still be at the position of Attention. Now, complete the movement by bringing your right foot down to a 45 degree angle, assuming the position of Attention in full again.

Step 6: Right Face (By the Numbers: 1)

This is simply the opposite of the Left Facial Movement. Lift the ball of your right foot. Lift the heel of your left. Using the ball of your left foot, turn your body in a 90 degree turn, still assuming the position of attention from knee up.

Step 7: Right Face (By the Numbers: 2)

Complete the facial movement by re-assuming the full position of Attention. This should be done by placing the left heel back next to the right heel at a 45 degree angle.

Step 8: Congratulations! It Wasn't Perfect, But It's a Start!

Step 9: Do It All Over Again.

Practice makes perfect.