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Introduction: A Minecraft Zombie Nightlight

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Make this cool/creepy Minecraft zombie nightlight!

Materials You Will Need:


Green Tape

Wax Paper

Permanent Marker (Black)

A Picture Of A Minecraft Zombie Head

Coffee Stirrer


Box Cutter

Hot Glue

Step 1: Find a Cool Picture

Find a cool picture to use a stencil to make the head. The one I used is at this link!

Step 2: Cut It Out

Cut out the head of the picture as close to the lines and as straight as you can.

Step 3: Trace

Trace the head on cardboard 5 (five) times.

Step 4: Cut Out the Cardboard

Take the cardboard with the trace of the head and cut it out as even as you can.

Step 5: Cut Out the Eyes

Tape the stencil on one of the squares of cardboard and carefully cut out one of the eyes with an exact-o knife or a box cutter.

Step 6: Add a Stand & Glue

Glue all the sides together EXCEPT for the face, it should be put aside. Take a coffee stirrer and hot glue it together as shown make a stand for your nightlight so it wont touch the sides and catch fire.(If you have a different type of light you can skip this step and set it on the light.)

P.S. Make sure the stand is tight on the light so it wont tip or fall over, but not so tight that it wont go on.

Step 7: Add the Eyes

Take wax paper or a CD case and color it with a permanent marker so that it is transparent but still gives it a black tone.

Step 8: Add Tape

On the piece of cardboard that has eyeholes, use green tape to cover all of it and get exactly on the edge of the holes.

Step 9: Face

Color print the face that you used for the stencil for the final copy. Cut out the eye holes and try yo get it like the other stencil.

Step 10: Complete Face

Put the final face on the cardboard with the green tape, and line it up as close as possible. Tape it down on the sides, and for extra detail(Optional) you can add tape to the dark green squares on the face.

Step 11: Tape the Rest

Tape the rest of the box with the green tape.

Step 12: Add Face

Put the face on the front of the box and make sure it fits. Add a dab of hot glue to the sides of it and let it dry. Take more of the green tape and put it on the edges and corners covering up the glue.

Step 13: Finish!

Take the head and place it on a nightlight, turn of the lights, turn on the nightlight and enjoy!

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    4 years ago

    Great job!


    4 years ago

    Using the tape for the color looks good, cute idea :)