Introduction: A Modern Table Lamp

Heres how I made this Modern Table lamp. It's a very easy and fun project. This is a fairly cheap project to make, especially if you already have the drill bits needed.

Step 1: Materials

Links to the materials I used here. I bought my cord and the cork coaster from IKEA, but you can use a circular wooden base if you don't have an IKEA near by. I also linked to a cloth cord on Amazon that would work as well. Also the switch and lamp socket can also easily be found at your local home center as well.

Materials -

30W Edison Bulb -
Lamp Socket (Cleat Socket)-
3.5" x 3" Clay Pot -

Switch GSW-124 (Ball Head) -
Switch GSW-17 (Clean) -

Cloth Cord (Amazon) -
IKEA Cord -
IKEA Cork Coaster -

You're going to need Diamond Hole Saws to drill into the Clay Pot. I bought the more expensive full set which comes with the case. However you can buy smaller sets and piece together the same bits at a much lower price. Or just buy the individual bits for this project. This bits are useful if you ever plan to drill into stone/tile/cement though.

Diamond Hole Saws (1 3/8") -
Diamond Hole Saw ( 1/2" set) -
Diamond Hole Saw (Full Set $$$) -

Step 2: Prep Clay Pot

Drill an 1 3/8" Hole in the top of your clay pot with the diamond hole saws. You can use a bit of water to help keep the dust down. This is where your lamp socket will sit when done.

Use a 1/2" bit to drill out the placement for your switch. Making sure to place it in position where it won't interfere with your lamp socket. I drilled right above the bottom lip for mine.

Also drill a hole in the back edge of the pot. This is where your cord will come out later.

Finally give the pot a nice coat of paint. If you used water to help drill your holes, wait a few days to make sure the clay is fully dry before painting.

Step 3: Prep Electronics

Take your lamp cord and cut off the socket. Use electrical tape to wrap where you're going to strip the electrical cord otherwise your cloth cord will fray. Then strip about 1-1.5" of the inner wires.

Place the switch inline on the Black wire.

Then connect the black wire to the Gold Screw of the lamp socket (this touches the bottom of the light bulb) and the white wire to the silver screw (this connects to the socket/threads of the light bulb).

Finally tie a knot into the cloth cord, this will be your strain relief so the wires don't get stripped out if you pull on the cord.

Step 4: Assemble the Lamp

Install the cord/electronics into the clay pot. Use a liberal amount of hot glue to hold everything down. Also make sure to cover any exposed wiring with hot glue as well.

The clay pot fits perfectly onto the Ikea coaster, so there's no need to use glue here. However you could also add a dab of hotglue to make sure it's all locked in.

Step 5: Install Bulb.

Install your light bulb and Enjoy!

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