A Money Making Portable Self Contained 16 Track Recording Studio for Under $3,000.00

Introduction: A Money Making Portable Self Contained 16 Track Recording Studio for Under $3,000.00

With Technology improved, you can now do, what 40 years ago would have cost somebody millions of dollars

Step 1: I Built It Using an Allen and Heath Model ICE 16 Digital Hard Drive Recorder

I started by buying the hard drive recorder, the Ice 16 is a nice choice because it records at 192 megabytes per second at 24 bit, and it can either be used as a hard drive recorder, and also can be used as a computer interface to a pro audio recording software package, it can be used either way. the cost at the time was $999.00 US dollars.

The really cool part about the ICE 16 is that you can plug any external hard drive into it, and the unit has the familiar tape transport switches on the front of the unit for starting, stopping, rewinding, and fast forwarding the recording on the hard drive, so you can use it just like a 1970's, or 1980's tape deck.

I can now record the whole show because of the size of the hard drives available, and then take the drive to my pc to edit it, I have 16 tracks in 1 file.

The next piece of the puzzle was adding analog volume inputs so I could plug in microphones.

That's where the twoSM Pro Audio PR-8 8-Channel Mic Preamps became handy, made in Australia, they were a little hard to find, and now they may be harder, because SM stopped making them last year.

You need to find microphone preamps that are clean, with both analog inputs, and analog outputs.

Then you just need to buy stand, booms, drum claws, and microphones, and a piano transducer, to plug into 16 channels, most can be shure sm-57 microphones, but you need some really good mics to cover the bass drum, and bass guitar, and the vocals.

I spent about $3,000,00 to build my portable studio, and I just got it ready to go, do you need a job recorded?

Step 2: You Are Now Ready to Record

For less than $3,000.00 dollars, you can do what took studios tens of thousands of dollars,

just a few years ago.

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