Introduction: A Multicolored Lamp

This is a multicolored lamp that I built using the GRÖNÖ Table lamp from Ikea and a multicolored LED lamp that I salvaged form an old toy that we threw away. This a a very simple build that anyone can do as long as you have the supplies to make it.


  • GRÖNÖ Table lamp from Ikea and the box it came with
  • Boxcutter of a sharp object
  • Superglue
  • Small multicolored LED that is battery powered with the following dismissions. L 9.4 cm W 5.4 cm H 2.7 cm
  • Marker or a pen

Step 1: Presets

Purchase the GRÖNÖ Table lamp from Ikea, you only need the outer shell of the lamp ( the outer shell is the image on the top right) and keep the 1 of the cardboard caps that came with the lamp (image on the bottom right)

Step 2: Measuring Your Multicolored Lights

The light that I used for this was salvaged from a old toy, that we threw away. You can use similar light along as they follow parameters

L 9.4 cm W 5.4 cm H 2.7 cm

The dimensions of the glass in front of the lightbulbs are 5/5 cm with a Hight of 0.5 cm

Lastly the switch for turning my battery powered light on and off dimensions are 2/1 cm

(Note the piece of cardboard that is going to be used to hold the light will be a 11/11 cm square)

Step 3: Cutting the Cardboard Cap to Hold the Light

In this step you will need to cut the cardboard cap to hold the light.

Pick a spot on the cardboard cap to start cutting out a 5/8 cm rectangle (this is the easier option), or you cut a 5/5 cm square and use a pen or marker to mark where the hole for the switch will go. if done correctly the light will fit perfectly just like the image on the left.

The image on the bottom right is a detailed diagram of the light I drew to help with the measurements and placements of the holes.

Step 4: Placing and Gluing the Light to the Cap

Place the light on the cap so the light is facing away from you on the colored side on the cap so it looks like the right most photo and glue it using super glue

Step 5: End

Now that you have your light you can use it for anything you want and have fun with it.

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