Introduction: A Neat Way to Save Plastic Bags

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Do you hate to throw away perfectly good plastic bags from your shopping trips? I do too... but I also don't care much for their bulk and general untidiness. So here's a way to fold up those bags so they aren't such a mess to save!

This is my first video Instructable, I actually generally prefer still images and well written instructions but I think this was easier to show in the form of moving pictures.



Plastic bags


Your hands

Step 1: Fold Up Those Plastic Bags

Here are some written instructions for those of you who don't like watching videos.

  1. Take one of the hundreds (thousands?) of plastic bags you have stuffed in a drawer or box somewhere
  2. Press it flat with your hands squeezing all the air out
  3. Fold the bag in half lengthwise
  4. Fold the bag in half lengthwise again
  5. Now starting at the closed end make a diagonal fold
  6. Next, make a fold along the horizontal line created by your first fold
  7. Continue folding the bag alternating diagonal and horizontal folds until you get to the open end
  8. Periodically brush the air out of the back with our hand as you fold
  9. At the end, open one of the folds in the triangle and insert the last bit of the bag
  10. Press flat
  11. You're done!

That's all there is to it! Save space and don't let those plastic bags become garbage after a single use. I always keep a couple of these bags in the bottom of my re-usables in case i need more space.