Introduction: A New Type of Rabbit Cage Design Using Storage Cubes.

My version of the storage cubes was that there were no grids but replaced with hard plastic with design.

Step 1: Get the Materials

You need storage cubes and a plastic base like you can use corrugated plastic in any color.

Step 2: Then Design It However You Like

I made mine a half rabbit condo connected to my pet crate.

Step 3: The First Rabbit Room Is His Kitchen

It has his :

1. Leaves tube
2. Blue Mat base
3. Mineral lick
4: food bowl
5: water bowl

P.S, his kitchen is a pet crate connected to the rabbit condo.

Step 4: His Second Room Is His Play/ Run Room

It has his:

1. Wood chew
2., His tunnel leading to his litter room

Step 5: His Third Room Is for His Poops and Urine

He has in this room is:

1. Pikachu plush
2..A blue box( he urinates inside )
4. Cardboard/ plastic covered tray so it is easy for me to clean this area, and a green plastic bed with his favorite pillow

Step 6: Lastly His Fourth Room Is His Bedroom. He Jumps From the Play Room to His Bedroom on Top

He has in this room is:

1. Jingly balls tied on string
2. A pet bed
4. A complimentary treat, and a blue rug

Step 7: Oreo Wants to Say " Bye Bye, See You Next Time."

In some of the photos he was camera shy but he later on became ok.