Introduction: A New Way to Make an Aluminium Alloy Robot

With modularized mechanical structures, electronic modules, and Arduino programming, I made this aulminium alloy robot with Makeblock. (Now they are on Kickstarter, and many super-value kits are available.

Step 1: Tools

Tools needed: Screw drivers and a plier.

Step 2: Prepare Motors

The tank is two motor drived. So I first need to make two motors possible to be installed onto the beam structure.
First solder the wires and the connectors to the motor.
Then add the motor bracket.

Step 3: Prepare Wheels

Two 90T wheels with shaft connector needs to be installed onto the motors.
Two 90T wheels and  twelve 66T wheels with flange bearing are needed.

Step 4: Prepare All the Neccessary Parts

Beams with different length

Step 5: Make the Frame Structre

Connect two beams with a plate to make a long beam.

Step 6: Install Two Motors

Step 7: Install the Wheels

90T wheels were installed on the end, while the 66T wheels installed in the middle.

Step 8: Fasten Screws

Make sure all the wheels fastened.

Step 9: Add the Track

The track is chainable, so that I can change the length per needed.

Step 10: The Tank Subbase Is Ready

The basic tank is ready. if you add the drivring circuits and a Microcontroller, it is controllable.

Step 11: Prepare the Robot Arm and Hand

I also prepared the robot arm and hand for the tank.

Step 12: Install the Arm

The arm was driven by a geared DC motor with timing belt. The servo can be used to control the robot hand.

Step 13: Prepare the Electronic Moddules

I also prepared the Arduino compatible electronic modules. They can drive 3 DC motors, two servos, and be controllable remotely by infrared controller.

Step 14: Install the Hand and the Electronics

Step 15: Done

I haven't finished the progrmming and test. Once finished, more videos will be posted here. Just keep an eye on it.
Have fun!