Introduction: A NewFangled Bookcase....

Many of you have these particle-board bookcases. I got mine from the "moving sale" in MADison, Wisconsin. This "sale" has been known by many names, but most noticably "Trash 'n Treasure". Anyways, most of these bookcases have a decent frame but are lacking in style. This is my attempt to rectify that.

All you need is: An old, used particle-board bookcase, a pneumatic nail-gun, some wood glue, and access to a home-supply-store.

Step 1: Remove All Shelves.

(NOTE: If I thought I was gonna do an instructable on this, I would have taken pics; since I didn't, I've used Blender to create some graphics to illustrate....)

These bookcases usually have several removable shelves with one held in place by screws, I assume for support. Take out any and all shelves except that one. The image shows what I had left.

Step 2: Make Boxes!

I made two boxes one (9x9") and another (12x12") to frame everything in.

It should be iterated that I nailed these boxes from the side so that the weight pulling downwards won't pull the nails out. This means that I had to measure the depth of the boards and add that to the sides.

Also, at about this step I figured out how many new shelves I was going to have to buy. For this I used 4 extra shelves, then cut them for supports as shown in the final step.

(TIP: I had a Speed Square (y'know, basically a metal right-triangle) on hand to square up the sides of the boxes.)

Step 3: Measure, Measure, Measure!

After placing the boxes where I wanted them, I measured first the top, then one side. I used these measurements to cut the newly bought shelves to length and placed them inside. These are shown in gray.

After lining everything up just right, again, using the speed square, I used my roomate's pneumatic nail gun and secured all of the shelves, both to the boxes and to the sides.

When constructing this, I found it was easiest to measure the top and right side of each box, cut the appropriate length pieces, nail them in place, and then--only then--did I measure the other two supports for the bottom and left sides of the boxes.