Introduction: A Nicer Saw Handle

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juts a handle replacement
cause wood it always better!

Step 1: Cuting and Shaping

after you sketch a handle that you like cut it out out of what ever you like (i suggest wood(i used walnut)). than take a knife or a file and shape the handle part of the handle. after your satisfied with the shape start going up the grits,start at about 80 to 100 and go up to 220 or 320

Step 2: Fitting the Handle

cut a slot in the middle of the part that the handle attaches to (i suggest using the saw that you're fitting the handle to ,to get the perfect fit) mark the hole and drill as strait as possible(i don't have a drill press so don't be nervous it's not that hard) dont forget to counter sink the holes so the scroll will go all the way to the other side

Step 3: Scrow and Oil

at this part your handle is pretty much done all you need to do now is to screw the handle and give it a Finnish

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