Introduction: A Novel Method to Prevent CFSS: Chinese Food Sauce Seepage


if you like chinese food with lots of sauce, you've probably been slightly miffed in the past because some of the prescious flavor juice has seeped out all over your soda and complimentary napkins. while the soda can be licked clean, the sauce trapped in the napkin's fine fibers is irretreavable (unless the entire thing is ingested). This problem occurs due to the inherent resting state orientation of chinese food as shown in the diagram below. You've probably tried to hold the bag's handles in different ways to keep everything flat and level. This rarely works, especially if you have a soda in the bag which acts as an effect multiplier as it rolls around searching for a local minima.

Fortunately there is a way to use gravities twisted sense of humor in your favor. One has to simply rotate their chinese food so that the rice half is more ventral while the sauce coated nodules remain more dorsal as shown in the 'correct' part of the diagram below. This orientation utilizes rice's absorptive properties to act as a buffer, soaking the sauce in like a sponge before it can escape via the package's plastic/aluminium foil juncture. Thus your sauce is preserved in a pleasantly ingestable state, and your meal is already partially pre-mixed (if you prefer it that way, as I do).
Below the diagram one can find images of typical end results following the utilization of this method.