Introduction: A PDA or Phone Desk Stand

I made this stand for a PDA (that I use primarily as a world-time desk clock) but it could be scaled up or down to fit a phone or phablet. Here is the parts list:

  • 1x small scrap of 1/4" (~6mm) plywood (scrap bin)
  • 3x T-nuts 1/4"x20 thread(Home Depot)
  • 2x 1.5" carriage bolts (Home Depot)
  • 1x 3/8" shrink-wrap tubing (or 1/4" ID rubber tubing)
  • 1x camera tripod stand (found at a thrift store for $1)

Step 1:

I started out with a 6" x 4" scrap of 1/4" thick plywood and I used a ruler and a square to layout 3 holes. The first hole is located in the center of the plywood and other 2 holes are located approximately 2" below the center hole and approximately 1.6" apart. These dimensions do not need to be precise and will vary somewhat depending on the size of your phone. You can seat the t-nuts using a (plastic) hammer or use a bolt and washer and a wrench to cinch them in place. It's not shown here, but before inserting the 2 bolts I placed heat-shrink tubing around the bolts and used a hot air gun to shrink it onto the bolts. I used heat shrink because it's what I have available, but any type of rubber tubing that can cover the bolts would work.

Step 2: First Test Fit

The stand worked fine but aesthetically I thought there was a bit too much plywood showing.

Step 3: Some Trimming and Second Test Fit

Here's what is looks like after trimming the plywood from 6" x 4" to 4" x 2.5"