A Packet of Sugru Goes a Long Way-Go Bananas!




Introduction: A Packet of Sugru Goes a Long Way-Go Bananas!

I had several projects and repairs and a packet of yellow Sugru. I accomplished all of them and more using a bit of black Sugru my friend had leftover. Here's what I did:

1-Added antennae to my Bee Sunglasses

2-Added horns to my black sunglasses

3-Repaired a necklace chain and added a bead too

4-Fixed a broken zipper pull on my binoculars case

5-Patched a tear in my hiking shoes

6-Repaired my iPhone charger cord

7-Made a hexagon "rubber" stamp

You have 30 minutes to work with the material once the packet is open, so I strongly suggest having your projects all laid out and ready before opening the pack. I used a glossy paper plate as a work surface to keep the yellow clean and keep it from sticking to the table.

Step 1: Custom Bee Sunglasses

I sculpted little antennae and added them to the sunglasses I'll be wearing with my Queen Bee costume this Halloween. First I shaped them and attached them, later I added tiny black stripes. I like the custom touch!

Step 2: Add Horns to Sunglasses

I shaped some little horns, or cat ears, if you like, to make these plain sunglasses more interesting.

Step 3: Fix Broken Necklace Chains, Add a Bit of Color

This delicate necklace chain kept breaking from the clasp. I used a tiny piece of Sugru and bonded them together forever. I also made a little bead and dangled it from a jump ring to give the tassel necklace a bit of extra weight and a pop of yellow. Super!

Step 4: Repair a Broken Zipper Pull

I sculpted an ergonomic little handle for the zipper on this case where the metal zipper pull had broken off. There was a little piece sticking up from the zipper head and I mushed the Sugru onto it. Voila! You can now easily zip and unzip the case.

Step 5: Repair a Torn Shoe.

My hiking shoe had torn and was only getting worse, so I made a banana and pressed it onto the shoe, covering the hole and attaching the Sugru to both the mesh and the leather. This should stop it from tearing more and adds a bit of interest to these drab hikers.

Step 6: Go Bananas Repairing Your IPhone Charger Cable

Instead of just putting a gob of Sugru on my fraying cord, I made a banana that wrapped around, fixing the damage and giving it more structural integrity where these cords always break. Once again, a banana saves the day!

Step 7: Reuse Materials to Make a Stamp

I needed a hexagon shaped rubber stamp to put some detail on my Queen Bee costume, so I used some leftover Sugru and a bottle cap. I put a blob of Sugru on the cap, smushed it flat and cut the shape with a utility knife.

As you can see, I made alot of projects out of just one package of Sugru (plus a little leftover from my friend's pack). You get 8 packs for $22, so that's a good deal for such a versatile material. As soon as I was done with these 7 projects, I thought of 7 more. Good luck, you are only limited by your imagination with this stuff.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing. I've never heard of the stuff until now. I went to the website and ordered a mini pack to test out.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I'm curious, what did you use the Sugru for? Did it work?

    Tater Zoid
    Tater Zoid

    7 years ago on Introduction

    These are all great ideas. Thank you for joining us for Sugru Night.