A Pallet = a Bench




Introduction: A Pallet = a Bench

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The conversion of a EUR pallet into a bench is a simple operation, will cost you less of a euro and relatively short time . Conditions to achieve an ergonomic sitting are linked to its size. This instructable will help you to build a resistant, light, ergonomic, recycled, outdoors, easy assemble, cheap and lovely furniture.


  • 1 EUR Pallet
  • 14 screws size 5mm X 100 mm large head


  • Hand Saw
  • Impact Driver
  • Crowbar
  • Sander (if needed)

Step 1: The Pallet EPAL

First of all you need to find this type of pallet.
To check standard sizes of EUR-Pallets follow the link below


Step 2: First Cut

First cut : follow the red line as shown

  • Along the short side
  • Only the top layer
  • Just on the edge of the middle blocks

Step 3: Second Cut

Second cut : follow the red line as shown

  • Along the short side
  • Only the bottom layer,
  • Just on the edge of the middle blocks, opposite of the first cut.

Step 4: Pull Apart

With a crowbar pull apart the elements marked with a red line.

  • The three blocks nailed to the top layer
  • The three bottom planks that are nailed to the middle blocks
  • Proceed carefully to avoid eventual cracks in the planks

Step 5: Inserting Backrest Elements

Insert the blocks between the planks as pictured

  • Spread apart slightly the planks of the bigger segment
  • Slide between those planks the blocks of the smaller segment
  • Verify that blocks have been entirely inserted

Step 6: Fastening Backrest Element

To fasten the elements together, insert the screws as pictured

  • 5 screws @ top planks
  • 3 screws @ back planks

Even if the backrest planks already has a fixation points, due to the structural nails, those extra screws grants the strength for extra load on the bench.

Step 7: Fastening Elevation Elements

To fasten the elevation elements , insert 2 screws each as showed on the picture.

  • For a stronger connection, insert the screws from the planks side into each of the blocks

  • To adjust the ergonomics, slide the elevation components to the front or to the back before fasten by screws

Step 8: Finishing

The conceptual frame is clear and sufficient to play with proportions and adjustments.

I would like to suggest few more variants for the same prototype

  • Remove the middle elevation element and relative bottom plank
  • Sanding it is friendly to public and rain resistant
  • Become more stable and 4 support points are enough
  • Reuse those parts for new functionality
  • Different possibility
    • armbands
    • extra elevation
    • different angel
    • glass holders
    • and more

thanks for you time & hope you enjoy


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