Introduction: A Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

This is a great breakfast/lunch/dinner sandwich which encompasses three breakfast food groups, eggs, cheese and bacon. Its kind of a variation on a "toad in the hole" or "egg in a basket" and a grilled cheese sandwich. I hope yall like this one.

Step 1: Here Is What You Need

For each sandwich you will need the following:
2 slices of bread, I used plain sliced white bread but any really would do. Its awesome with sour dough
2 eggs, medium eggs work a little better in the egg in a basket only because there isn't as much spillage from the whites
1 slice of cheddar cheese, really any cheese will work but I prefer mine with mild cheddar cheese
3-4 slices of bacon, more is good

I made several sandwiches in the pictures, but this is what you need for only one sandwich.

Step 2: Glorious Bacon

I normally start the bacon before everything else because it tends to take the longest to cook. I take fully thawed bacon and cut it to the desired length and then toss it in to a small sauce pot with a tight lid. I do try to break the slices apart a little but it doesn't really matter that much. I then drop the lid on and cook it at a medium heat. Every once in awhile i will reach in the pot with tongs and stir things up a bit. the bottom of the bacon will burn if you do not. This method of cooking bacon yields perfect bacon almost every time.

Step 3: Easter Basket?

Eggs in a basket are nothing more then a nice bread border around a fried egg. The egg in the basket is used for either side of the sandwich. I lay the bread on a flat firm surface and take a cup or jar, usually glass, and center it on the slice of bread. Push down firmly and twist. That should leave a nice round hole in your piece of bread and a slug of bread trapped in the cup. The slug itself is good pan fried or deep fried. Its just a little added bonus.

Step 4: Break Some Eggs

Once you bread has holes in every slice plop them in to a pan with some cooking spray or butter and toast one side. This doesn't take to long. I cook this on a med high heat because otherwise I get too impatient. After the bread is toasted on one side flip it over and add a little butter to the middle of the hole. It will probably spitter and jump about but that's ok because you are going to follow it up directly with an egg in every hole.

Step 5: This Is Where It All Starts to Go Together

Let the eggs cook long enough that the egg in the basket doesn't come apart while you are trying to flip it. After you get it flipped over add a slice of cheese to one of the egg in a baskets or both of them, be a rebel add two slices. 

Step 6: On the Plate It Goes

When the egg is cooked to your level of done, I like mine with runny yolks, and the cheese is melted place one egg in the basket on a plate. Add bacon to this and cover with the other egg in the basket. The addition of sliced tomato, avocado and mayo are also good. Just not to good for you. This is potent stuff yall be careful and enjoy