Introduction: A PokeBall Made From 795pcs 5mm Magnetic Balls

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Poké Ball is a sphere, used for catching and storing Pokémon. The top of the ball is red and white in the bottom. PokeBall has a black horizontal band circling around it. The button of the ball is white.

In this post, I show you how to build a PokeBall from 795pcs 5mm magnetic balls.


299 pieces 5mm red magnetic balls
290 pieces 5mm white magnetic balls
206 pieces 5mm black magnetic balls

Step 1: Make a Ring With 6 Black Balls

Start by making a button of our PokeBall.
Make a ring with 6 black balls.

Step 2: Make a Stack of Black Ball Hexagon.

Step 3: Cut Double Rings From the Right Side of the Hexagon Stack.

Step 4: Build a Pentagon of Hexagons.

Step 5: Make a Ring With 5 Black Balls.

Step 6: Fill in the Middle of Backside Pentagon of Hexagons With a Ring We Just Made.

Step 7: Use Your Thumbs to Push the Ring Inside of a Pentagon of Hexagons.

Step 8: Flip the Pentagon of Hexagons to the Frontside.

Step 9: Make a Ring With 10 White Balls.

Step 10: Put the White Ring on Top of a Black Ball Pentagon of Hexagons.

Step 11: Make a Ring of 5 White Balls and Put It in the Middle of a Ring of 10 White Balls.

Step 12: Make More Stacks of Red Ball and White Ball Hexagons.

Step 13: Build a Pentagon of Red Ball Hexagons.

Step 14: We Need 3 Pentagons of Red Ball Hexagons.

Step 15: Build 2 Pentagons of White Ball Hexagons.

Step 16: Build More Pentagons of Hexagons As Show in the Following Pictures.

Step 17: Now We Have 12 Pentagons of Hexagons.

Step 18: Let’s Put It All Together to Make Our PokeBall.

Connect pentagons of hexagons as show in the following pictures.

Step 19: We Need 5 Red Ball Pentagons, 4 White Ball Pentagons, a Black Ball Pentagon and the One With 3 Black Balls and 2 White Balls Pentagon.

We’re almost done here but there are still some gaps on our PokeBall.Let’s fill those gaps with pentagons.We need 5 red ball pentagons, 4 white ball pentagons, a black ball pentagon and the one with 3 black balls and 2 white balls pentagon.

Step 20: Fill in the Pentagons and We’re Done.

Step 21: Here Is Our Complete PokeBall From 795pcs 5mm Magnetic Balls.