Introduction: One Prank to Rule Them All

Have a friend you need to get back at?

Behold! One prank to rule them all!

But beware, the following will take determination, planning, skill, and two good-hearted friends.

A few more introduction tidbits for you:

-there are three key people in the execution stage (meaning the part when the prank actually happens) though others can be enlisted for help in other stages.

- these three people are:
*the prankee, meaning the victim of the prank
*pranker #1
*pranker #2


Step 1: The Prank, What Actually Happens?

Yay! You made it this far! You must be a little bit curious eh? Well here is a general script:

Two scheming friends are planning to prank their other friend. Pranker #1 talks to the prankee saying "let's *prank* our other friend!" Of course the Prankee is completely oblivious to the fact that they are the one that is being pranked.

The *prank* goes like this: prankee and Pranker #1 hide in the back seat of the other prankers car. When the other pranker gets in the car they plan to jump out and scare them from behind.

Pranker #1 should make sure to say something to the Prankee along the lines of:

"Make sure you don't scare ____ right away. Wait a minute after they get in."

Here's where the *double* prank comes in and the role of Pranker#2 begins.
-They enter the car sniffling and begin to cry as they sit down.
-This of course is not how the prankee expected the *prank* to go so they will be unsure of what to do. Pranker #1 can now either shush or clamp their hand over the Prankee's mouth to keep them from doing anything disastrous that would ruin everything.
-Pranker #2 then gets a phone call that lasts the length of the entire prank:

"Yes ____ ,it's done.'' NOTE: The callers name can be given but it is insignificant.


Of course I'm upset! I just didn't know I would take it this hard!"

*their tone then turns serious*

"But it had to be done."

"Yes! I will be carefull! The body is in the trunk.''

NOTE: It is Pranker #1's job to make sure that the Prankee makes no interruption.

"I still need to dispose of the evidence though. He put up a struggle, they always do.''

''Pity _____ walked in, saw the whole thing.''

''YES! Of course I took care of it! But we don't need any more people dying tonight.''

"No it's eleven! Oh yes, I forgot, the babysitter as well, that makes twelve.''

''Oh one more thing. I took your advice after all. I suppose that number will be thirteen.''

"_____ (name of Pranker #1) was going to find out soon I'm sure."

''The poison will be taking effect any second now.''

*Pranker #1 slowly begins to keel over and *die*, sinking to the floor of the car*

*Pranker #2 finishes conversation and hangs up*

"Hello _____." (name of Prankee)

*thus the prank reaches it's climax and all can be revealed*

Step 2: Other Information

Here is some other information that you may find useful:

Regarding the car:

-Should be unlocked

-Prankee should not have the opportunity to look in the trunk beforehand

-Should have enough space in the back to hold two people

Regarding the phone call:

-Is most desirably a real call

-Can be a real phone call if Pranker #2 texts someone and they call promptly

-It isn't necessary for someone to be on the other end

Regarding the death of Pranker #1:

-He or She should keep wrists and neck covered and away from Prankee so their pulse cannot be checked

-Little or no sound should be made

Step 3: Farewell

That's all for now folks! Please, tell me in the comments if you chose to use this prank or gain inspiration from it! If you liked this instructable please like and vote for me in the Prank Challenge!

Have a good day and some great laughs!

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