Introduction: A Pucket Game

About: I am a sixty-five-year-old teacher from Portugal. I have several hobbies, but mainly I write poetry (when the muses are available), I paint and draw and I love woodworking.

The other day I was navigating on the internet and I came upon this game that I hadn't seen before. I understand it is quite common in English pubs and there are several different games with different amounts of pucks.

As I work in a school I was attracted by the simplicity of the game and I decided it might be a good idea to try it out so that I may play with my granddaughter during these pandemic lockdown times...

Step 1: Cutting the Plywood and Slats

First you have to cut the plywood 50 cm long by 25 cm wide.

Then you cut two slats 50 cm long and three 22 cm long

You cut the goal at the center of one of these shorter slats. Then you glue them all as shown in the picture. Find some plastic discs or something with the approximate measure of 3 /4 cm in diameter and try it out, just to see if the pucks go through the goal easily.

Step 2: Installing the Rubber Bands

Then you have to install a rubber band in each of the two fields, just about 6 cm from the top of each field. Drill two holes, one on each side for each rubber band.

Use two 12 to 15 cm long heat shrink sleeves, to insert the rubber bands in. Use a wire through the drilled holes to push the rubber bands and stop them with small bits of wood.

Step 3: Game Ready.

Now you have to find some wood you can cut the pucks from... Living on a farm it was easy for me to find some old hoe handle like the one in the picture. I cut it in 10 14 mm thick slices and sanded the old wood on their sides. They came out fine.

Let's play!