A Pumpkin That Makes Everything You Need to Make Pumpkin Pies.

Introduction: A Pumpkin That Makes Everything You Need to Make Pumpkin Pies.

This is not only an ugly pumpkin, this will produce the items needed to make a pumpkin pie! This video will teach you how to build it! Hope you enjoyed. Here are the steps.

Step 1: STEP:1 Making the Base.

This is really easy. Just make a 4x4 square on the ground out of orange blocks. This will be the base of the pumpkin.

Step 2: STEP:2 Build Up the Walls.

Build the walls up on and make sure that they do not have any corners.

Step 3: STEP:3 Build the Hopper Line.

Put one hopper in any corner facing down. In that corner, connect three more to it to create a 2x2 square of hoppers going to the one in the corner. Now make an "L" like in the picture to finish up the hoppers.

Step 4: STEP:4 Making the Sugar Cane Farm

Right in between the square, place a block of sand. Put two blocks going from the top of the "L" down to the square to make a hole for the water. Place the water in there. Go up 2 blocks and place a piston. Above that, place an observer on top of the piston with the face facing the same way as the piston face. Make the observer going into a block. Put redstone under that block to power the piston. That is the sugarcane farm!

Step 5: STEP:5 Making the Pumpkin Farm.

Above the square, put two dirt blocks and a water block above them. Place a piston facing towards the dirt block. The piston should be connecting to the block that the redstone dotis on from the sugarcane farm. Place a pumpkin seed on the block closer to the outside of the pumpkin. That is the pumpkin farm done!

Step 6: STEP:6 the Final Farm

For the egg farm, go to the corner behind the sugarcane farm and place a block there. Make a container with a hole in it and the floor has to be a hopper. Put a few chickens in it. You need to make sure that they will not fall out. That is the chicken farm!

Step 7: STEP:7 Finish Up the Pumpkin.

Now you get to finish the pumpkin. Build up the walls so that they are 4x4. Make the ceiling One higher and make it a 4x4. Now just add a stem. And also don't forget to place a chest so that all of the items can go into it!

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