Introduction: A Quick Presentation Remote Control

I occasionally give presentations from my laptop. When I do I want to move around as I talk.

This trick may save the day if you forget your fancy presentation remote control. Instead use an external mouse as a remote control.

Step 1: Connect Mouse to Laptop

Most laptops will let you connect a mouse to the USB port so that the external mouse will work along with the finger pad. Almost any external mouse will do. The mouse can be wired or wireless and be the roller-ball type or the optical type.

This trick only works if both the mouse and the finger pad can be used simultaneously. (Older mice that use the round PS/2 connector may NOT allow both the finger pad and an external mouse to work simultaneously.)

Step 2: Remove Mouse Roller-Ball

Remove the roller ball from the bottom of the mouse by rotating the retaining ring counter clockwise (Photos #1 and #2)until it comes loose (Photo #3) and the ball drops out (Photo #4). Then tap the side of mouse against the table to relax all the parts inside (Photo #5).

Step 3: Cover Bottom Window on Optical Mouse

Cover the window on the bottom of the mouse with a piece of tape.

Don't put the tape directly on the LED or it may gum it up. If necessary put a small piece of paper between the tape and the mouse LED.

Step 4: Start Your Software and Position Your Mouse Pointer

Your presentation software needs to have a button that advances the talk to the next "page" or "slide". This is often a button labeled "Next" or a right arrow icon.

Whatever your next button is, use the finger pad to move the mouse cursor over the button so a mouse click will "press" it.

Step 5: Give Your Talk

Now you can pick up the mouse or move it around on the tabletop without moving the cursor. If it is a wireless mouse you can carry it with you as you talk.

You can click the left button on the mouse to click "Next" and deliver your talk without worrying about the cursor moving off the button.

This is fast, free, simple and crude, but it usually works in a pinch!