Introduction: A Quirky Bill Reminder

We all hate bills. So I thought what if we could hate them, but laugh everytime we were reminded they were due? Magically The Quirky Bill Reminder was born.

Step 1: You Only Have One Body, Keep It Safe!

I use a power tool in this instructable, so you may not need all of these. HOWEVER when operating power tools of any kind, you should have these as a bare minimum.

▪A fiber mask to keep dust and paint fumes out of airways.

▪Latex gloves for when using spray paint, or handling damp paint.

▪Work gloves. Every good DIY should have a good pair of work gloves. Mine suit what I like to create. Same should go for each individual

.▪Safety goggles, are yet again like work gloves. They are a must have in your DIY station

.▪Ear plugs, because you are going to want to be able to hear 5 years from now.

Step 2: What Is My Main Objective?

For this instructable I challenged myself to a limited number of concepts, but ones I thought were impressive

▪To spend no money

▪Keep it unique

▪Make it light weight and versatile

So that's how I came up with my outline.

¤This is a guideline. You can make yours however you see fit. Good luck either way!

Step 3: Supplies/Tools

On my project these are the supplies and tools I will be using.

▪DeWALT 20V drill. ( Side note on this drill. I love this drill. It has never failed me and has always had the right touch for the job. if you are in the market for one, below there is a link for a full starter up kit with WOODCRAFT CO.

▪4200 EZ rotary tool. Again I use this tool all the time and if you are in the market for one I do recommend WOODCRAFT CO.

▪3 large paint stick stirrers. Remember my goals? well these were in my shop, they are light weight, yet sturdy.▪2 tennis balls. These I also had lying around unused. They are flexible and light.

▪My hammer.

▪A picture frame hanging kit that I've had for years. Check on my list, free.

▪Spray paint. I have a ton of spray paint from many different DIY projects I've done. So the color was based off the colors I still had to stay within my goals.

▪Some type of marker or marking device. I used a sharpie I keep in my shop. I found it easiest to draw on the tennis balls with.

▪2 tennis balls

▪Some form of sand paper or sanding material. Doesn't have to be fancy we are just taking the burrs off of the paint sticks.

▪An exacto knife.

☆WARNING!!! If you are not an adult you need to be SUPERVISED or have permission to use products listed in this instructable. Trust me it's better to ask than go to the ER.☆

Step 4: Time to Make Bills a Little Less Drabb

▪Take 2 of the 3 paint sticks, give them a quick sanding all over and align them side by side on the floor.

▪Take the 3rd stick lay it across the other 2 and measure off 2 back supports for the main body and one for where the handle of the sticks touch.

▪I used my Drimel with the cut off wheel to quickly cut the three pieces. However you can easily use a hand saw as well.

Gently and I do mean gently nail the 3 support pieces in place. Use some of the small tack nails from the picture frame kit. Gentle is no joke do not hammer on this like you are Mario in some crazy game. You will split the wood in half.

▪Now pick a color any color and paint it. Make sure you are outside in a well ventilated area. Stand at least 9 inches away. Start from top to bottom with an even spray working your way down. Do not tilt your can down or you will get runs or bubbles. It's just paint it won't bite and you can wash it off.

▪While the paint is drying time to design your tennis balls. you can make the faces look however you want. you could just paint them, this is your project. Cut a slit in the center a little less than halfway through with your exacto knife. BE CAREFUL if you are not an adult DO NOT use an exacto knife without supervision!

▪Take your tennis ball. Pinch on the corners of the slit. Take your drill and a small screw and slowly get the screw started thought the tennis ball. Once you can feel the tip of the screw, place it one your now dry pallet. Make sure to place it on one of the middle supports. Gently finish screwing it in, until the ball won't move. You will have to hold the ball in place during this process. Repeat with the other tennis ball.

▪Flip your creation over. I know your excited we are almost done. Take a hanging bracket and two small screws as shown. Center the bracket on the back top support piece. Gently screw in your bracket. Turn back over and admire.

▪You can take it one step further like me and put name plates above each little head. Be creative, make it your own. I made this as a guide, in hopes of sparking someone else's creativity.

Step 5: Final Thoughts

I am very happy with how this turned out. Not only is it appealing to the eye and a conversation starter but I passed my personal challenge.

▪To spend no money

▪Keep it unique

▪Make it light weight and versatile

I hope y'all have enjoyed this little instructable. Keep up the amazing DIY!

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