Introduction: A Removable Dual-use Scooter

For this competition, I used fusion360, a modeling software, to build a removable dual-use scooter.

Step 1: To Make the Plate

Above all, in order to have comfortable foot feeling, want to let board face go the foot position that joins human body, we want to let board face become a curved surface as far as possible.I used the shape to draw a plane, then pulled it into a surface with difficulty, and finally thickened it.Two plate head part used scanning, mirror and other operations.

Step 2: Production Support

Simple stretches and other operations are used to build simple supports, screws and other parts similar to ordinary skateboards to hold them in place.

Step 3: To Make the Wheels

Build two strange wheels to make the scooter more stable.

Step 4: Build Car Pole

The pole and handlebar of the skateboard car are built. Taking into consideration the height of the user and other factors, the pole is positioned at 0.6~1.2m and the handlebar length is 0.3m.Try to meet the needs of most children and adults.At this point, the car rod is detachable, it and the surface of the connection mechanism is detachable

Step 5: Modified Car Pole

Optimize the handlebar design, strengthen the joint between the handlebar and the plate surface, strengthen the joint between the handlebar and the handlebar.

Step 6: Color Material Processing

Give it some color and material to make it look better and hip-hop a little bit.