Introduction: A Resin & Moldmaking Tutorial !

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With the upcoming Halloween season, I wanted to learn some new skills so I could go bigger and badder with my decorations this year.  This tutorial is for those that, like me, are fairly new to the "molding and casting" party and want to get started!!

Step 1: Ingredients:

Here is what you will need:

Step 2: Making a Mold With Mold Putty...

I picked up some molding compound from Michaels and decided on a few items to make molds from:

Step 3: Mixing It Up...

It is very important to note that you have 2 minutes MAX to mix and apply your molding compound to your casting item - don't make my mistake and have it begin to set while you are still mixing the two parts's an awful waste to have to throw the putty away as it is completely useless at that point :((

Step 4: Apply Your Mold Putty to Your Casting Item:

As noted in the pic, make sure to begin pressing the putty into the item at the very highest point and work it into the grooves and undercuts (facial features in this case) before you surround the item as desired....

Step 5: Here's Your Mold:

Set your mold in a safe place and leave it alone to set for 30-40 minutes in normal room temperature (e.g. 700 or so degrees)..

Step 6: Before Moving On...

Before we begin the resin cast process, it is necessary to apply your mold release spray to your mold and let it dry for at least 30 minutes -

I know there are certain molds that don't require a mold release, but I always use one just in case due to a few disastrous and failed casting attempts when my resin casts would not come loose from the mold and I had to throw the whole thing away...mold and all, again, an awful waste so learn from my mistake :))

Step 7: Now We Cast...

Grab your resin kit, a Popsicle stick (to use for stirring) and  2-3 clear plastic cups.

Step 8: Measure, Mix and Pour....

Step 9: Pouring and Bubble Info :)

    Please excuse the misspell: corrected "setting" :)

Step 10: After They Have Cured for 24 Hours...

Step 11: All Done...

Here is the finished piece before any clear coat finish was applied. I also glued a magnet to the back so I could stick it on the fridge and see this handsome guy every morning!!

**If I missed something or if something isn't clear, please comment and I will get back to you and do my best to answer any questions you may have...Thanks for checking out my tutorial!!

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