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About: Typical creative kid who took things apart; was mostly able to reassemble and often improve them. Dad modeled high degree of many capable skills, building and repairing almost anything, including bridges & sk…

Our oldest sister wears many hats. Caregiver to mom, busy retail clerk, friend and helper to many.  A talented chef, an awesome organizer, she is the glue that bonds the household together. All along she has been someone who will do for you, and then be too busy or will run out of resources for doing something for herself. Her mother's daughter, she is all about giving.

It's time we gave something to her. The room project we have in mind is her small home office. For the last six years since dad passed away, she has worked at dad's old desk, taking care of bills, mom's many appointments, and the myriad details of running a household.  Always one to make do with what is on hand, we think it is long overdue for her to have a space of her own. Currently, the room is dark, with many looming shelves and objects. The room serves conflicting purposes, making it feel cluttered and disorganized.

What we have in mind is to create a light, modern space, more reflective of sis's true creative and tidy nature. New furniture from IKEA would be perfect for  transforming this room.  An attractive, functional layout using light colors and modern elements would not only make for the ultimate in organization, it would make the mood of the room uplifting and inviting.  

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