Introduction: A Rustic Table

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I made a rustic table from Pallet wood...

It is a simple design and collapseble so easy to take with you on a road trip or just in the back jard.

Step 1: What Do You Need....

1. Pallet wood or other reclamed wood.

2. Hand saw or tablesaw

3. Wood glue and clamps.

4. Wood srews and a screwdriver or drill

5. Some paint

6. A stencil what ever you like....

Step 2: Lets Get Started

Get your wood an cut the legs into lenght.

Glue legs and support together and hold it with clamps. ( used biscuit but you can use what ever you want)

Lay down the boards for the table top. And glue and clamp them together. I used wedges and that works great too.

Draw a circle and paint the top in what couler you want.

Cut out the circle with a jigsaw.

Step 3: Lets Finished It....

Cut some small blocks from left overs.

Put the legs together and set them on the tabletop.

Screw the blocks in the corners of the legs with wood glue and some screws.

When the table is assembled you can give the top a personal toutch. I made a stencil with stars.

But you can do what ever you want.

Hope you injoy making it....

For more details you can watch my video.

I used more electrical tools, but with hand tools you can meke it too

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