I got the idea of making this shelf from a bin after I started to take a broken step bin apart and saw the potential it had and decided to reuse other materials I had.



Hand drill, Impact driver, Level, Jigsaw, Tape measure, Sandpaper, Pliers, Clamp, File and an Angle grinder.


Steel Tube from the bin (plastic tube can do the same job), 18mm plywood, Screws and Washers.

Step 1: Taking the Bin Apart and Cutting

After taking the bin apart, mark the centre of the side of the bin so you can cut it in half to get 2 equal tubes (remember to use your PPE gear). Carefully cut along the line with the angle grinder. Once done use a file to get rid of the sharp edges.

Step 2: Shelf for the Steel Tube

For the shelf itself, I used 18mm ply that I had laying around that I sanded to get rid of the dirt and roughness. I cut out a rectangle to fit into the diameter of the bin. Then cut out a semi-circle at the same radius as the bin. Screw the 2 pieces together once done. Make sure you check that it fits in tube nicely and adjust it if needed.

Step 3: Finishing Off

Slide the ply piece into the tube and use masking tape and clamps to hold it in place. Drill holes for the screws and use a washer to stop the screw from sinking into the tube. Use a powered driver to screw it together. I used 3 screws on each side and 1 at the top.

Step 4: Attaching to the Wall

Decide on the positions of the 3 screws in the plywood and drill them. Then use the py wood as a template to drill the holes in the wall and screw the shelves to the wall.

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