One day I got a small cardboard box.From that moment I thought and thought what I would do from the cardboard..

At last, I tried to make a SPIDER-MAN Mask using cardboard and other available things in my home.

Let us go through my making.....


A Small Cardboard Box






Acrylic paint of Black and Red

Sketch Pen


White A4 Paper

Gum (Fevicol)

Rubber Band

Step 1: Shaping

Cut the cardboard into a sphere shape using cutter

Step 2: Eye Hole Making

Take an A4 sized white colored paper. Apply fevicol on the round shaped cardboard and paste the paper on it.Cut it to match the round shaped cardboard.

Draw an eye shape using pencil looking approximately same as the Spider-Man's eye shape.

Make an eye hole by using cutter through the eye shape drawn in the paper.

Step 3: For Painting

Take another A4 sized white colored paper.Apply fevicol on the cardboard and paste the paper on it.Cut it into the cardboard shape.Draw a small circle like an eye by which it is matched with the eye hall in the cardboard.

Cut the circle using cutter.

Apply Red acrylic paint on it by painting brush as shown in picture.

Apply Black acrylic paint around the small circle shaped eye which looks like the spider-man's eye.

Keep it for dry.

Step 4: Drawings

Draw the spider net on the paper by using black colored sketch pen and scale.

Step 5: Making Mask

Make a small hole using compass on 2 sides of the mask.Tie the rubber band through the hole.

Step 6: Finish

Finally our Spider-man mask is ready to wear on face.

All the process of making of mask is explained in the given videos and pictures.

Hope it will interesting and joyful.

Thanks my friends......

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