Introduction: A Sharpie Knife

Have you ever wanted to sneak a knife somewhere? (Not saying you should) Well here's a way to sneak a knife in a Sharpie marker. Thanks to Pat Sowers for the idea of making a blade with a binder. Please check his instructable because it is a pretty good one. I'm making the blade with a binder because its easy to obtain. You can always use another way. If you are 18 and under and making this knife to bring to school, PLEASE don't. You can get immediately suspended, expelled, or go to jail for position of a knife in school. Also if you're under 18, please have parent or guardian supervision.

Step 1: Legal Stuff

I am not liable if you harm anyone or anything with this knife. I am not liable if you hurt yourself or lose a friend because you accidentally cut him/her. I am not liable if you get caught with the knife and go to jail. I am not liable in you get suspended, expelled or go to jail. Be safe and stay in school.

Step 2: Materials

You're going to need :
A binder (For the blade. I used a 1 in. binder.) Please use an old one. Don't waste a new one.
Hot Glue
A file (You'll see why)
Some way of sharpening a knife (Whetstone, Files, Ect.)
Channel Lock Pliers
And of course a Sharpie marker. Also use a one that ran out of ink. Don't waste

Step 3: Taking Apart the Binder

The only thing you'll need is the metal part. I suggest you use a used binder so you don't waste a perfectly good binder. Take the metal part apart and try not to scratch it up to much unless you want it that way. Bend the edges out of the metal thing (check second pic.) After it is bent out, it will be easy to take out the parts you want (check second pic) Any questions on the binder step refer to Pat Sowers' Instructable first before asking me questions because it is a pretty good one.

Step 4: Take Apart the Marker

Get the Channel lock plier and grab onto the part marker on the marker(In the picture) and wiggle it around untill it pops off. Take out the ink cartridge and the felt tip. To take out the felt tip grab it with the Channel lock pliers and pull it off. You wont need either the ink cartridge or felt tip anymore. Put some hot glue in the cap and put the thing that connects to the grey part in it. (check the pictures) Now file down the ridges on the end of that thing (Check Last Pic)

Step 5: Cut It

Cut the metal piece at a angle with the snips just to give it some design. Oh and make sure the blade isn't too long to fit in the case.

Step 6: Sharpen

Sharpen the metal with any method you like. I don't want to limit your options. But I just used a regular manual kitchen knife sharpener. It worked quite well too.

Step 7: Last Assembly

Put more glue in the hole and stick in the blade. YOU'RE DONE!  Here is some suggestions: Try a different marker, try a different method in getting the blade, and try to be safe. In doing so, make an Instructable and post it here! Oh also, don't forget to rate and vote!

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