Introduction: A Shocking Operation

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Operation is one of the most classic board games of all time. The game of removing strange ailments from a particularly strange, red-nosed patient using a pair of tweezers.

Of course, if you touch the edges of the openings, you will be punished with a simple, obnoxiously loud sound and the patient's nose will light up.

But what if we changed that?

Warning: Do not make this unless you will not blame us for any injuries that stem from the production or usage of this game.


  • Soldering Iron
  • Screwdriver
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Hot Glue Gun


Step 1: Remove Cover

Using the X-Acto Knife, cut a circle around each "pin" attaching the cover to the board. Once cut, the cover should be able to be removed easily. Separate the cover from the board.

Step 2: Exposing the Electronic Components

Remove the screws from the black cover and remove it, exposing the wiring.

Step 3: Extract Shocking Component

Take out the circuit board of the mosquito swatter.

Step 4: Adding the Switch

Solder the switch to the positive end of the swatter and a wire to the negative end (these are the wires connecting to the battery).

Step 5: Electrifying the Game

Solder the wire with the switch to the positive end of the battery container. Then, solder the negative end to the metal plate.

Step 6: Electrifying the Tweezers

Solder the output wires of the swatter component to two long wires. Using the X-Acto Knife, cut the base of the plastic piece of the tweezers, allowing for the long wires to fit through. Pull the wires through.

Step 7: Electrifying the Tweezers

Wrap a piece of aluminum foil around each of the long wires, using hot glue to hold the wires in place. Next, glue the "electrodes" to the grip (textured part of the tweezers).

Step 8: Attach the Switch

Cut a rectangle into the paper cover of the game. The rectangle should be wide enough to fit the switch and long enough to accommodate for the switch's slide. Add a "+" and "-" to signify the game's danger level.

Step 9: Reassemble

Reassemble all of the parts. There may be a slight bulge, but it will not affect the game.

Step 10: Play!

Now you can enjoy your newly modified version of operation! You can turn the shocking component on or off using the switch. Have fun!

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